Go Tigers!


60 Year Reunion Pictures

Front Row Seated L to R
Donna Dodds Haas
Isabel Avila Cheney
Dortha Dee Blackwell Sterk
Diane Morrow Kaster
Juanita Furness Hines Candillo
Cherlyn Hughes Bruns
Mary Hamilton Ruf
Bob Disselhoff
Jerry Buchanan

Middle Row Standing L to R
Dale Oyer
Ilene O'Hare Blogin
Pat Jenkins Turley
Donna Lemmon Hagerty
Carolyn Beck Casey
Judy Arnold Eikel
Betty Turley Smith
Terry Murphy Renfrow
Barbara Hinshaw Shannon Goodwin
Augie Ruf
Gilbert Nichols

Back Row Standing L to R
Art White
Ron Philgreen
Don Philgreen

Vance Morris
John Joe Reyes
Dick Kiehl
Jeff Sheldon
Wayde Fredrickson
Herb Snedded
Brian Hostin

Richard Krehbiel and Sandre Krehbiel
Cherlyn Hughes Bruns and Gene Bruns in background
Leon Hubbard guest of Sam Keith
Herb Snedden
Vance Morris, Wayde Fredrickson and Richard Krehbiel
John Joe and Virginia Reyes
Echo and Jerry Buchanan
Virginia Reys, Laurieann Dygowsky and Jeff Sheldon
Barbara Hinshaw Shannon Goodwin and Ron Goodwin
Terry Murphy Renfrow and Louis Renfrow
Cherlyn Hughes Bruns and Gene Bruns
Carol and Howard Williams, Alex Bay, and Carol's son Greg
Augie Ruf and Mary Hamilton Ruf
Donna Dodds Haas and Tony Haas
Charlene Hostin and Brian Hostin
Art and Lis White
Jeff Sheldon and Mary Nichols Bay
Mary Nichols Bay, Carolyn Beck Casey, Carol Nicholson Williams
Ron Philgreen
Jeff Sheldon and Herb Snedden
Juanita Furness Candillo
Wayde Fredrickson and Vance Morris
Wayde Fredrickson, Vance Morris, Richard Krehbiel, Augie Ruf
Dale Oyer, Don Philgreen and Martha Philgreen, Leon Hubbard
Lupe Candillo, Laurieann Dygowsky and Jeff Sheldon
Betty Turley Smith and Bob Smith
Pat Jenkins Turley and Don Turley (brother of Betty Turley Smith)
Diane Morrow Kaster and Roger Kaster
Ron Sterk and Dortha Dee Blackwell Sterk
Isabel Avila Cheney and Leroy Cheney
Judy Arnold Eckel and Cherlyn Hughes Bruns
Ilene O'Hare Blogin and Donna Lemmon Hagerty
Maureen Ruf (John Ruf's widow), Augie Ruf and Mary Hamilton Ruf
Art and Lis White
Echo and Jerry Buchanan
Brian Hostin
Gilbert Nichols
Guest of Vance Morris Richard and Marsha Cox
Herb Snedden and Coach Sam Keith
Karen and Wayde Fredrickson
Brian and Charlene Hostin
Sunday Worship Services
Herb Snedden, Vance Morris, Wayde Fredrickson
Lupe Candillo, Juanita Furness Candillo, Leon and Pat Hubbard, Gloria and Pat Starner, Virgina Reyes, John Joe Reyes, Maureen Ruf
Bob Smith, Betty Turley Smith, Don Turley. Donna Dodds Haas, Tony Haas, Louis and Terry Murphy Renfrow, Pat Jenkins Turley, Diane Morrow Kaster, Roger Kaster
Paula Morris, Vance Morris, Martha Philgreen, Don Philgreen, Ron Philgreen



To all of our classmates....

Thank You For Coming to what many of you have said was the best of our some eight Class Reunions. (10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60). Be sure you label and forward all your pictures to Jim Carras (jim@carras.com) so they can be posted on the website and shared with us all.

It was simply delicious and precious and memorable to be with all of you again.

It was my pleasure and honor to Chair the 60th Class Reunion. I would not have taken the assignment unless Juanita Candillo agreed to be my Vice-Chair and work alongside me. And what a job she did... not only tracking down all of you, but also handling the checkbook as well and all the arrangements for the four events. We were a two-person committee and made all the decisions, which provided some efficiencies of scale. Thank You Juanita. And special thanks to our webmaster Jim Carras on keeping our website up to date.

What a blessing and unique privilege was ours to have 93 Year Old Coach Sam Keith with us, both at the Saturday main event as well as at the church service at Church Of The Resurrection Sunday morning. We (Coach Sam himself along with me and many of us) prayed for almost a year that God would grant him favor to live long enough to be with us... And God answered our prayers. You'll enjoy his precious ramblings on the video. Watch carefully when Vance tried to take the microphone away from him after 12 or 15 minutes. Hysterical. What a treasured keepsake that we'll enjoy for years. God Bless You Coach for your life well lived and your own testimony of your faith in Christ. We're so grateful you were able to come. And thanks to your two sons who help make it happen. God Bless You.

A special thank you to Vance Morris for being our special guest speaker. We honored him and his 54 year career as a college football coach with a special plaque. He was funny and self-effacing and so genuine and humble. We enjoyed sharing and laughing together and laughing at each other. What fun. Vance also made some important and significant poignant comments about memories, relationships and the legacy we leave behind. I was honored to sing Vance's requested song which we dedicated to all of our classmates who have already gone before. Thank you, Vance and Paula, for honoring us all with your presence.

And we're sorry for some of you who wanted to come but didn't get to. Like Jane Gooch Hollander who fell and broke her arm. Or Merry Kraus Becker who had emergency back surgery two days before the Reunion. This is the first Reunion she missed and we missed her, too.

And there were others of you (or your spouse) who are living with serious health problems that simply would not allow you to travel at all, even though you wanted to come. Our web master Jim Carras stayed home because of his wife's illness.

A special recognition and thank you to Brian Hostin (and his precious caregiver wife Charlene) who came from Texas in the midst of his second courageous battle with cancer... this time in his lungs. May God grant you His peace and sustaining grace through these days. Keep looking up.

To all of you, including me, who are facing our mortality every day, take each day as a special gift from God. And make each day count both for now and your own legacy that you leave behind.

I am humbly and simply a man of faith who has experienced the grace, forgiveness and love of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout my life. I have chosen to be a Follower Of Him, and I invite you to join me and many of your classmates on that journey. May you, too, discover His enduring love and grace.

Thank you again for coming. You all are our mutually shared treasure.

May God Bless You and Yours. And May God Bless Our Beloved USA in these troubled days.


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